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Leadership movie review : Invictus

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Invictus-posterDirected by Clint Eastwood and starring Morgan Freeman, Invictus is a movie that speaks of  leadership through example. It is the story of Nelson Mandela’s political career and his great wisdom and leadership skills.

Nelson Mandela, fondly known as Madiba, was sentenced to 27 years of rigourous imprisonment in 5 August 1962 for under charges of leading workers to strike and his involvement in the African National Congress. The reason for leading these workers to strike and involvement with the ANC was to establish a non – racial democracy. The movie follows his actions after being released from prison in 11 February 1990 and his efforts to promote reconciliation and negotiation and lead the transition towards multi-racial democracy in South Africa.

It also follows the story of the young Jacobus François Pienaar who was the captain of the South African Springboks (Rugby union of SA) and his the support he extended to Mandela to aid reconciliation.

According to the movie, the game of rugby is Mandelas key to establishing a non racial democracy and the blacks plan on changing the name of the Rugby team, thereby disgracing the white people. In this situation Mandela attempts to stop this happening and is cautioned by his friend “You’re risking your political capital, you’re risking your future as our leader” at this point Mandela says “The day I am afraid to do that is the day I am no longer fit to lead”

This is an amazing movie to watch and is incredibly moving as it speaks of all the qualities of a good political leader.  It is also a must watch if you are inspired by Nelson Mandela as a person and even a leader.


Written by Talal Cassim

March 26, 2010 at 12:33 am

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  1. there are very few talented actors that is as versatile as morgan freeman *-*

    LASER and Optics Forum

    December 3, 2010 at 5:12 am

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