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Review and summary : Putting the One Minute Manager to work

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The ABCs of Management “Putting the One Minute Manager to work” Ken Blanchard states that most leaders and managers alike have forgotten the ABC’s of management (Essentially the basics). Therefore he developed a simple but effective theory that has to be used in day to day management in order to obtain best results. In this theory AB and C stand for A = Activators    B = Behavior   C = Consequences.

Activators are the things a manager has to do before anyone else can be expected to achieve anything. These are goal-setting, laying down areas of accountability, issuing instructions and setting performance standards. (One Minute Goals are applicable in this situation). Behavior is what a person says or does and the actual performance. This could be an individuals day to day work.  Consequences are what a manager does after someone accomplishes or attempts to accomplish a goal. One Minute Praising and One Minute Reprimands (Immediate, specific and Share feelings)

Most people think activators have a greater influence yet only 15-25% of performance comes from activators while 75-85% comes from consequences like praising and reprimands. Goal setting without any managing of consequences, will only get things started and bring short term success for a manager. Goals begin behaviors, Consequences maintain behaviors.

Remember… Most managers attitude seems to be: when people perform well, DO NOTHING, When people make a mistake, COMPLAIN. This is known as the “leave-alone-rebuke” technique’. This is a not a consequence that should be applied as it causes severe de-motivation. What a manager or leader should actually do is apply the One Minute Reprimand (Advised in my previous review of the One Minute Manager) in a situation of an individual making unacceptable mistake and provide a reward or a One Minute Praising when an individual performs well.


Written by Talal Cassim

April 2, 2010 at 10:37 pm

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